General Motors Co. (NASDAQ: GM) CEO today gave her words on the recent recalls the company made due to faulty parts. More than half a million cars have been recalled so far by the General Motors, and the amount is only only in America, cars in other countries, including Korea, are being recalled by the company.

CEO, Mary Barra on the recalls said that, “I think they should look and see how quickly we’re taking actions, how small the recalls are, that coupled with what we’re doing from the way we are engineering our vehicles and the improvements we are making to really take a systems approach and then look at the vehicles we have to date. These are the best vehicles that we have had in my career at General Motors and they are being externally recognized as well as industry best.”

CEO said that she would work hard to make sure that there are no future recalls from the company. A recall can be deadly and life threating in many cases, however, company has reported only few cases so far.

“I’m going to work hard to create the systems as we go forward so that we won’t have this, but I’m always going to take the action to do the right thing for the customer. I think it’s very important that we have Ken Feinberg, who’s independent, who has tremendous experience to evaluate each situation and we want to do the right thing. All along I’ve said, those that may have been impacted by this we want to reach every single one of them just like we’re working hard to get every single vehicle that has been recalled fixed, we remain committed to that.”

In the recent days, the company’s shares were significantly down due to the recalls; however, the CEO has now promised to show major growth that will lure more investors and buyers.

“At General Motors we’ve set our target to be the safest in the industry and we’re taking steps, we’ve been very clear about sharing them, the way we are changing and improving the way we do engineering’s from a systems prospective. The robustness of our processes, diving deep into the supply base to make sure we have quality, and partnering with our suppliers, we’re going to continue to do that. NHSTA has a very important role to play in the industry but General Motors has very aggressive goals we are working on.”

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