Markers are directly related to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This as per a study that was carried out on 124 male US Marines whose blood samples were taken through an analysis before and after deployment. The aim for this was to establish what genetic markers are linked to the regulation of how the immune system works.

It is expected that the findings will be helpful in diagnosing new methods and medications for treating PTSD. This has been pushed further by a simple thought that 6.8% of Americans will be diagnosed with PTSD later in their lives. However the research is expected to help in monitoring the individuals who could be faced with a higher risk of PTSD.

Genetic Markers have been linked directly to response of the immune system

Two groups of genes have been identified before and after the development of PSTD. One of them was for interferon signaling while the other was for natural immune system.

However, it is still not very clear what triggers interferon signaling way before the PSTD. Never the less various factors have been associated to it the likes of exposure to any form of stress before deployment and also in the case of a tough scenario related more to people facing higher amounts of work.

The scientists argued that PSTD is a little difficult to study compared to other psychiatric orders because it includes a traumatic experience which more often than not is considered as the trigger.

However according to them they would not only look out for the transformations between the members with PTSD and those without but they would also look out for any biomarkers on those who had developed PSTD. The biomarkers tend to propose that the people with them are likely to develop the condition later on.

PTSD is costly to treat. There are many symptoms associated with PTSD which include extreme agitation, sleeping tension and you would find risky scenarios that would lead to self – destruction attempts, shaking and heart palpitations among others.

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