A new study conducted by genetic researchers claim smoking can make male smokers impotent and there will be significant drop in Y Chromosome count in the body of smoker. Through a genetic study, the researchers have explained why more men die out of various cancers, more than women.

As male smokers age, they are thrice as more prone to lose Y chromosome with age. Scientists from the Uppsala University in Sweden conducted the research.

A long known fact states that Y chromosome is a very important part wherein formation of sperms in males is concerned. The study has found that older men who have had a smoking history lose more Ychromosomes from their blood cells than non-smokers do. “There is a correlation between a common and avoidable risk factor, that is smoking, and the most common human mutation — loss of the Y chromosome,” said Jan Dumanski, an Uppsala professor who worked on the study. “This … may in part explain why men in general have a shorter life span than women and why smoking is more dangerous for men,” he explained. Cancer risks in men are also high than females explained study leader Lars Forsberg of the university’s Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology.

Not all smokers loose the Y chromosome, also, not all smokers develop cancer. “The cells that lose the Y chromosome … They don’t die,” says Forsberg. “But we think that they would have a disrupted biological function.” Overall, smoking is highly associated with the loss of the Y chromosome assert the researchers. The Y chromosome has in itself a high amount of genes. Some of these genes also are of great help in suppressing tumors.

Data of more than 6000 men has been analysed for the research and it found that men who quit smoking had again developed high number of Y chromosome. The researchers feel that this new discovery could possibly help smokers to quit with added motivation.

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