While a million iPhone users are in the process of updating their iPhone and iPad to iOS 8, let us share our insight on what the upgrade really entails. iOS 8 is the most path breaking release since that of the App Store. This is in fact the first version of iOS that comes preinstalled with Apple iBookstore.

Look before you update:

Given the hype iPhone updates are given, they usually end up disappointing rather than enthralling the users. There will be bugs that will occur, apps which may interfere with the upgrade and 100 other issues, but I’d suggest you to keep your faith on Apple and at the same time, I’d tell you to not rush on to the update as millions of users are busy keeping the Apple servers busy!

Before you start upgrading, ensure:

That you have enough space. Which means you’ll have to say goodbye to all the memorable photos and messages which are eating up the valuable space to be taken over by ios8 installation. You can also transfer the important data on iCloud and go ahead with the update. If you have less than 16GB on your phone, don’t even think of up gradation.


Make sure your iPhone or iPad is plugged in.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update, and hit the “Download and Install” button.

Or else you can go for downloading it on your mac and install it on iPhone or iPad. For that, plugin your phone to the pc, select your device in the iTunes menu and click “check for updates”.

Then click “Download and Update”

Make sure you’ve installed the latest version of iTunes installed.

Keyboard. WHAT? : I hear it comes loaded with several helpful features with third-party keyboards installations being the most talked about feature. Finally, iPhone gave up on its long threaded policy and allowed SwiftKey app, which has launched alongside iOS 8 in the App store. Though Apple is developing its own smart keyboard app but for now it has decided to settle with SwiftKey owing to its expertise in Contextual predictions and maturity. Though there is an option of choosing ‘Apple made keyboard’ or ‘third party keyboard’

The Apple-made keyboard called QuickType comes up with contextual predictions. At the same time apple makes sure that your privacy is maintained. It though predicts the most used words but at the same time ensures that your typing patterns aren’t shared with anyone; not even your iPad. So you’ll have to train the two differently.

Camera- aa-haa! – iPhone’s camera is the undisputed king as no one dares to compete with it. iOS 8 come with enhanced camera features. RIP Camera Roll, as all your photos will now be managed by the CloudKit framework. The iCloud photo library lets you manage space in an efficient way without affecting the resolution of your images and hassles. You can capture more and more moments without having to worry about memory hassles. It also comes loaded with syncing options with your other apple devices in a way that if you take a picture with your iPhone if will simultaneously appear on your iPad. Apple’s solution to memory issues is to cache the most viewed images locally.

Apart from this, editing becomes sorted with the advent of iOS 8. Now you won’t be stuck to just 90 degree rotations as you have a free hand at them. Also, the editor has become intelligent enough to auto-correct abnormalities like red-eye or blur. It also has a built-in ability to identify horizon lines.

Family Haul: People at apple love it when you are closer to your family. Any purchase that a family member makes from App store can be simultaneously shared among 6 members without even sharing a single account.

With Family sharing, no plan you make is a secret anymore. Your mom knows what you are buying from the apple store and there is this fun option of “ask to buy” which lets you take permissions from mom so that all is well and sundry. And, you can even cajole your mom with the quick type keyboard that makes contextual predictions and gives you the cutest looking emoji. I bet your mom can’t say no!

Siri: Siri, Apple’s very own voice recognition system gets ability to identify any songs via Shazam. The text to speech streaming takes place automatically without having to tap the microphone button. The words appear and adjust as you’re saying them. This is indeed a great development, but one thing that will disappoint you is that you will still not be able to play a YouTube video in the background

Let me end this with the best part of the deal: Apple plans to drop the storage prices from $40 a year for 20GB to $12 a year ($1.99 a month) for 20GB, and from a hefty $100 a year for 50GB to $48 a year ($3.99 a month) for 200GB. Where previously 50GB was the hard limit, there are now tiers that include $9.99 a month for 500MB and $19.99 a month for 1TB.

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