What are the spin offs of global warming? Al Gore in a 2006 interview with the Sierra Club talked about his movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” and the devastation of hundreds of thousands of people in New Orleans and for millions in the Africa’s Sahel region.

The ground reality is United States undergone its longest period in recorded history without a Category 3 or higher hurricane strike and Africa’s Sahel region is budding in a manner unseen during recorded history.

The benefits of global warming could seem farfetched but the social benefit of saving 100,000 people from starving to death and preventing hundreds of thousands more from living with extreme hunger pangs and misery caused by drought and famine is not something which can be shrugged off.

The benefits of Global Warming can be difficult to be quantified but they are there and also very compelling.

It is to the credit of Global warming that one of the most heart wrenching tragedies of the past century was put to end. Global warming has ended the African draught and famine which had led to many iconic movements like USA for Africa and the iconic 1985 humanitarian relief song, “We Are the World.”This has been established in a study in the peer-reviewed science journal Nature Climate Change documents

From 1972 to 1984, the Sahel region in the Southern Sahara was devastated by drought of biblical proportions.

It killed more than 100,000 persons and pictures of shrunken and famished African children became an insidious cultural phenomenon, evoking sympathy, food and money donations, and celebrity concerts performed by the most popular musical artists of the generation.

A just published study into the -reviewed science journal Nature Climate Change has revealed an unlikely hero –Global Warming which ended this tragedy.

The study revealed that higher levels of green house gasses in the atmosphere was able to hold more evaporated moisture from the ocean and then bring more frequent and substantial rains to previously rain-parched African lands.

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