The last few days has seen a furious debate about the polar ice caps melting and the world ocean levels rising by more than a few feet. The scientists have also given a chilling conclusion that the process of melting of the Antarctic Ice blocks has already started and it is now irreversible. What we can do now is to prolong the apocalypse by a few decades. Worse there is more to come-The waves and not the global warming is contributing much for the breaking and accelerated melting of the polar ice caps. This conclusion has come according to the latest research carried out in New Zealand as per a report by UPI.

A study which has just been published in Nature has confirmed that waves reverberate through ice sheets in a way which is much more than previously thought. The waves work by breaking the ice sheet and then hasten the transformation from a stationary ice sheet into an ice flow which eventually ends up as water.

There is some difference between the Ice sheets and the polar ice caps. Polar ice shelf is formed over polar land masses and slowly slides into the ocean. Ice sheets are however ice which is formed over the ocean surface and surround the polar land masses. These ice sheets are not so much affected by global warming than by large waves.

The research was carried by Dr. Alison Kohou and her fellow scientists at the National Institute of Water and Atmosphere Research (NIWA) in New Zealand. It concluded that waves of three meters or higher have deep impact on the ice sheets. The reverberation of the waves can be felt across much distance, even 220 miles across.

However it must be understood that ice sheets have immense impact on the planet’s climate. Ice sheets reflect the sun rays and also insulate the water in the ocean depths moderating ocean temperatures and control weather patterns.

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  1. stephen weber

    As the author you should clarify whether you are talking about normal water waves crashing into the edges of the ice, or vibrational waves that oscillate through all matter when bumped or have different temperature gradients. There is also the title. Thinking people can understand that a thin piece of ice can break with little force, but a thick layer won’t break. These waves you refer to may speed up the final thinner ice breakage. But something inherently made the ice thinner to begin with. So your title is stupid , dumb ,off target and asinine.

    • Damien

      “So your title is stupid , dumb ,off target and asinine.” – Welcome to the climate denialist party, we dont attack politics with science…. we attack science with politics!


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