Reducing the refresh time for instant viewing of emails Google has rolled out a new update for the Gmail on the iOS platform. Exploiting the background app refresh feature in iOS 7, this new app seems to do a checking of emails even when the app is closed, which in turn provides an instant viewing of emails.
Melissa Dominguez, Software Engineer at Google, on the official Gmail blogspot wrote,
“The app now fully supports background app refresh, which means your Gmail messages will be pre-fetched and synced so they’re right there when you open the app—no more annoying pauses while you wait for your inbox to refresh.”

With the previous versions of this app, users have to wait for a while till app refreshes their inbox for new emails, but by enabling background refresh in the settings, it all going to be at an instant. Plus this new update offers an one sign in solution, means you don’t have to individually login at every Google app you have in your iDevice. Whether its to be YouTube, Chrome, Drive or Maps, Gmail is going to do everything at once.

Since every Google service can be used with a single Gmail account, users will be having a much better experience of other Google apps in iDevices. With single sign in feature apps like Chrome and Google Drive can allow users to have their browser history and data synchronized over different devices.

Almost a couple days ago, Google also  released a new version for Google Hangouts which was first released in May 2013, improving overall app performance. Fixing the delay in chat synchronization and bringing in new features it has improved users’ experience to a very extent.
Well like any other app it is also coming with stickers and an option to send  messages even when the person is offline.

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