GoDaddy is one of the biggest organizations that registers domains and hosts websites. It suffered from technical fault that led its websites to go down for at least six hours on Monday.

The earlier reports suggested that the site was hacked by anonymous hackers who were behind the downtime of the site.

GoDaddy is of the view that “series of internal network events” were the real cause of disturbance.
Chief executive of the site, Scott Wagner, claimed that customer data was intact, and there was no harm to their systems.

He also said that it was not a hacking and was not done by any external entity. The service was disturbed due to a corrupted data in the router.
He re-iterated that the problem was internal. The company professionals identified the issue and then corrected the problem.

A tweeter claimed to be behind this hacking. He claimed to be the “security leader” of the issue that befell
Website host told its customers in a status alert that they were aware of the problem and were working on the issue.

A GoDaddy related spokesperson said in a talk to BBC that they were conducting inquiries on the twitter feed about the hacking issue.
Other famous sites have also been attacked by anonymous hackers during the recent months. It is not certain whether the attack was real, or it was only a technical fault.
Earlier this June, members of the Anonymous protested in 16 major Indian cities against the so-called internet restrictions. Anony

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