Google continues with its acquisition spree and on Sunday the search engine giant announced that it has acquired SlickLogin and it has now a member of Google family.

You may ask what is so special about SlickLogin. SlickLogin has created a ground-breaking, patent-pending, log-in technology that enables users to enter a simple password into a mobile phone, which then emits an ultrasonic signal to a nearby computer.

The creators of SlickLogin are all members of Israeli Army Cyber Security Unit and have been in thick of action defending Israeli interests from foreign hackers of all hues and colors.

Google has in the past acquired companies of Israeli origins. Last year Google had purchased Israeli-made social GPS app Waze for $1 billion.

SlickLogin is a five month old security company and focuses in sound-based authentication technology. The financial details of the deal have been kept under wraps.

SlickLogin technology involves sending coded sounds through computer’s speaker’s which could be then picked up by the Smart phone and used to verify the identity. The website generates a high frequency but almost soundless wave which is analyzed by an app on the user’s smartphone. The smartphone then responds with a sound which confirms the user’s identity and logs them in. Though the technology looks very simple it is quite secure to military standards. The overtly simple technology also negates the needs for annoying security measures.

In fact Google was the first company to offer the 2 step verification process, free and it seems that there are more ideas in the offing to make the internet safer for everyone. SlickLogin Software has not been released commercially and is hoped to replace the cumbersome passwords or act as a second level of security in authenticating a user.

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