Google’s Chrome/Android SVP, Sundar Pichai at SxSW announced company will launch an SDK for Android wearables. The SDK is supposedly be capable of allowing developers to collect data from more and more number of sensors and combine them into something very useful, which in turn reflects company’s aim to expand their set of wearables other than having just Google Glass and smart watches.

SDK will allow companies and individual developers to perform tests for Android behavior when put in wearables. Even being an advanced OS, Android is expected to face some issues in this environment. While there is always a room for improvements this piece of technology can be unexpected sometimes.

Google acquisition of NEST, a home automation company for $3.2 billion opens up doors for more possibilities but without any other details on it Mr. Pichai said,”We are thinking hard about the layer which will connect all these devices together,”. With new form factors including Google Glass and smart contact lenses, introduced in January this year, the company is set to do much more in this innovative field of wearables. It would not be wrong to say that we have just started and are in stone age of wearables. Which explains that there is a much more room for innovations and state-of-the-art wearables in near future.

While Google Glass is still in developer preview, its bearing a cost of $1500 and with some final hardware and software it is expected to be launched at the Google I/O this year. Google Glass is a face wearable device, which can do things like navigation, taking pictures, recording a video, taking calls, Google search and sending messages. Equipped with ‘Google now’ you can control this device just with your voice.

Google also introduced a smart contact lens, which can continuously monitor sugar level in the blood. Traditional devices take an individual’s blood to analyze and show results, which in turn is somewhat painful to do.

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