TOKYO: Google(NASDAQ: GOOG) is going to be with Asian telecom firms to build a $300 million underwater cable across the Pacific Ocean in a proposal to meet surging internet use.

The project, named Faster, is going to see 5600 miles fibre –optic cable stretch from Japan to the United States, with far region to other Asian afterwards, the companies said.

In the US, the fibre- optic cable would be stretched to join major cities on the west coast taking together with Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, they said.

In the world, there are several hundred underwater telecom cables that connect on various points.
But “the FASTER has the biggest design capacity of the cable system ever make on Trans-Pacific route, which is the largest ever route in the world” Woohyong Choi, chairman of the project’s executive committee, said in a statement.

To increase the Internet speeds, Google is taking underwater route again.

The search giant officially announced on Monday that there are six companies who are going to invest in a $300 million undersea cable that will increase the speed of internet in Asia that is the good step taken by them in the hope to give a better Internet world to the user.

As the project has given nickname “Faster,” which will boost a speed almost about 60 terabits per second that is ten time faster than the standard cable modem.
The other companies coming up and teaming up in this project are Asian wireless and telecommunication companies: China Mobile International, Global Transit, KDDI, SingTel and China Telecom Global. The project’s main supplier will be the IT services and product company NEC. Construction of the project will surely start on time, and is taken that it will be completed and will ready for use by the second quarter of 2016


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