According to The Verge, Google ( NASDAQ : GOOG ) is now working to bring Android TV this year. The documents, which were obtained by the The Verge, stated that the Google will be introducing Android T.V., which is almost similar to the Roku and Apple TV.


Google has not designed it for computation, but instead its purely for entertainment. The company is asking developers and the companies to develop apps for it. Developers have been called to make the extremely simple and elegant apps for Android T.V. The documents obtained from Google stated, “Android TV is an entertainment interface, not a computing platform. It’s all about finding and enjoying content with the least amount of friction.”

Android T.V. is having no relation with Google TV, but instead its similar to Roku, Apple TV and Amazon TV. Running on Android, this device is also capable of accepting voice commands from the user. The interface is having “tile” like structure for categorizing movies and music. Google has also enabled notifications, but not to make it a nuisance, developers have only been asked to provide notifications which are important.

Another unique feature it has is that its coming with a D-pad remote for the users to swipe among the titles or even the categories. Along with ‘home’, ‘back’ and ‘enter’, the remote is also having the  up/down/left/right buttons— which is pretty common to find.

The Verge reported that the company has restricted itself from providing features like telephony and near field communication, instead Google has laid its focus on making the device something that sits in the living room, and can only be used for playing games, watching movies or listening music.

Although Google didn’t shed a word on this, the company was definitely going to introduce it at the Google I/O this year. Unfortunately the Android T.V. news came out before it.


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