With some exciting new features and bug fixes, Google rolled out Google Chrome version 34. Google this time has fixed about 31 security bugs which were reported by some of the security researchers around the world and as a award the company payed out around $28,000 in all.

The internet giant has improved the browser by including a new attribute called ‘srcset’. The attribute, which has been especially tailored for the Web developers, would allow to have an image in multiple resolutions. It would be helpful in reducing load times and wastage of bandwidth or even uneven web formatting.

Chrome will also be offering a feature to remember and fill the password fields even when the auto-complete has been turned off. It will allow the users to have the more complex passwords stored in their browser.

Google said, “As we have previously discussed, Chrome will now offer to remember and fill password fields in the presence of autocomplete=off. This gives more power to users in spirit of the priority of constituencies, and it encourages the use of the Chrome password manager so users can have more complex passwords. This change does not affect non-password fields.”

Along with a remarkable unprefixed version of the Web Audio API, Chrome is also coming with a different design for Windows 8 Metro. Along with the Windows OS, this new version of Google Chrome is also available on Linux and Mac platforms.

Google Chrome has always been supported by a number of external security researchers, making it  more secure and reliable. Even though the company has one of the best minds in the world, they sometimes fail to find the bugs. Here is a list of the security researchers who have contributed to make this browser more secure.

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