Google on Thursday announced that the Chrome OS will soon incorporate Google Now platform in it. The Internet giant reported that the Chrome operating system will soon have the Google Now, which will give the OS a closer Android experience.

Integrating Google Now in the Chrome OS will make it even closer to the existing Android ecosystem and its user interface. The Chrome OS will boast the same card style of the Google Now and will be in sync with the user’s existing Android smartphone.


Google’s François Beaufort stated that the Google Now update will be arriving with next beta version of the Chrome OS, however, the stable version will take some time to arrive.

Google reported that the upcoming release of Chrome OS beta will have the second generation Google Chrome Launcher 2.0 that will open into a large, centralized window to display the cards.

In a statement, Google’s Community Manager for Chrome, Ernest Cabrera said, “The new launcher is the best way to start new activities on Chrome OS, like performing a Google search or launching apps. It’s fast, simple, and helps you get things done. We’ve enhanced search to help you find what you are looking for faster, put the apps you most often use right at your fingertips, and brought the power of Google Now to your Chromebook.”

Reports suggest that the new update will remove the pop-up menu that used to hold the apps, which were installed by the user on their Chromebooks.

The Internet giant is also bringing the design changes in the new update that will make it look even closer to the Android. Chrome OS beta version will carry a new material design and will have a support for opening password protect ZIP files.

Users can access the BETA program by clicking on “Settings > About Chrome OS > More Info > Change Channel.”

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