A new organisation joined the era of open-source technology named Simply Secure that is supported by Google, Dropbox and the Open Technology Fund. The organization will provide user-friendly security and privacy tools to ease pain of using off-the-record messaging, crypto packages, and other tools that protect users online.

The security industry has long recognized that passwords are becoming more complicated and difficult to remember and difficult to use, and they are increasingly insecure.

Simply Secure partner with Google and Dropbox working on the project to provide a more secure online authentication method. Led by director Sara Sinclair Brody former product manager at Google, and the director of Simply Secure, will work with the open source community in the development of tools that makes it easy for non-technical people to choose better security without sacrificing usability.

“There are already many credible and exciting software-development efforts that aim to make privacy and security ubiquitous. Rather than create redundant initiatives, we will focus on supporting existing open source work by providing usability and development expertise, direct ties to user communities, connections to funding sources, and other,” said Sara Sinclair Brody, on Thursday in a blog post.

“To build trust and ensure quality outcomes, one core component of our work will be public audits of interfaces and code. This will help validate the security and usability claims of the efforts we support.”

The advisory board of the organization includes Ben Laurie, Apache Software Foundation co-founder and Google Security Engineer; Wendy Seltzer, the policy counsel for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) ; and Lan Goldberg, cryptographer and University of Waterloo professor, designer of the (OTR) Off-the-Record Messaging protocol.

“The need to overcome this challenge is particularly clear in the wake of events like the recent celebrity photo leak and the Snowden revelations,” added in a statement.

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