In a major announcement, Google has made the infamous Google Earth Pro version for free of cost. Earlier what was $399 is now going to be free of cost. Google Earth Pro was mostly used by the private businesses and government agencies for several tasks ranging from analysis to printing out the map in high resolution.

Google Earth Pro is not famous among regular users, however, is of great use to those who are in business. The features involve printing out high-resolution images, mapping the area, and much more and price slash will probably pull in more those who love travel. As per the reports, one possible reason for the company to make it free was that the Internet giant wasn’t generating the target revenue. Whereas, second would be that the company has other products, including Maps, which offer better functionality and quality over the Google Earth Pro.

Talking about the terms on which standard version is different than the pro, in the ordinary version image resolution is limited to 1000×1000 pixels, however, after upgrading to the pro it increases to a massive 4800×3200 pixels. Google Earth Pro allows you to quickly record videos of what you are exploring — can be good use if you are a traveller or a movie editor. Other features involve the polygon and circle mapping in Pro, where the standard offers a line and path.

The decision also indicates that the company is aware of the fact that the Google Earth is slowly sliding down the popularity scale. Other mapping products, including Here Maps, Google Maps and Apple Maps, are far better than Earth in terms of services they offer. All the features that come bundled in the standard Earth are freely available with these applications, with some advanced capabilities of these apps.

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