Jealous of people who have already gotten their hands on the new and pricey Google Glass? Well, don’t feel too bad about it, because according to Google’s eye doctor consultant, the glasses can cause eye pain.

Dr. Eli Peli is an optometrist that was brought in by Google to help the company figure out the reasons behind why some people experience ocular discomfort with Google Glass. In an interview with Betabeat, the doctor discussed exactly why a sharp pain can be felt when wearing the glasses. Apparently, it all has to do with the placement of the screen.

When Google first tried to put their innovative screen onto glasses, the company had no idea where to put in. It first tried to place Glass directly in front of the eye, which is the most comfortable place to look. This resulted in some issues, as people were more preoccupied with checking their emails and watching videos than actually paying attention to what was in front of them.

Next, Google tried to move Glass under the eye, which the second most comfortable place to look. However, this also resulted in too many distractions. Finally, Google had only one place to go – up.

“The only people who look up a lot are some professionals like electricians and painters,” Dr. Peli said in his interview with Betabeat. “Most of us look either straight or down. It’s well known that up is less comfortable.”

People are simply not used to looking up all the time, and doing so creates a strain on the eyes. This can result in sharp pains for some users. Luckily, this pain will decrease as users of the product get more and more used to looking up at the screen, although some lucky users may not experience discomfort at all. Google Glass was designed for quick, small uses – not to be stared at for hours at a time. If users use the product as it was intended, discomfort will be non-existent or at least kept to a minimum.

What do you think about Google Glass? Do you want to buy one, or does the thought of sharp pains in your eyes turn you off of it completely? Let us know!

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