In a new study about the Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) Glass, researchers found that using the head wearable from Mountain View giant while driving a car is equally distracting as a smartphone. Researcher from the University of Central Florida asked 40 people in their 20s to drive in a car simulator while wearing a Google Glass.

To ensure the test results are not biased in any way, researchers provided the drivers with an arithmetic problem to solve. However, in conditions where sudden brakes were required, people wearing Google Glass were no different from other having only a smartphone with them. The average response time to apply the brakes was equivalent in both the cases.

The researchers also found that the smartphone users were able to maintain a more gap in between their and the car in front of them. However, Google Glass users were able to have comparatively more control on the car. The only upside for Glass users is that they were able to recover faster than the smartphone users in the near accident situations.

In the early stages of the Glass development, it was being said that the Glass is no distinction at all. It does not cover your eyes, neither it obstructs the vision of someone who is driving or walking.
This new device is only meant to reduce the time and trouble required to see the smartphone for various features, including navigation, email and messages.

“When you look at how fast people react to an unexpected traffic event – how fast they slam on their brakes, we didn’t find a statistically significant difference between Google Glass and smartphones,” according to researcher Ben Sawyer at the University of Central Florida.

However, it is now clear that none of the devices is suitable while driving, and can cause serious injuries. According to a report, nearly 1.6 million accidents in the US are only because of using a smartphone while driving, and its without a doubt that the Google Glass can add a lot to it.

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