Google Inc. – The Web Search giant’s decision to sell Google Glass as a part of the public beta testing has already started raising doubts across its early adopters. It was a rather unusual move by Google, as we don’t really get to see consumer hardware getting tested in public. As part of the same, Google has decided to double the RAM inside Glass.

This move can definitely be a matter of concern over the usability and performance factor of a Glass, and especially when it all comes to something that has always been a matter of serious privacy concerns since the very beginning. Here we are talking particularly about security and privacy concerns that Glass users, analysts and researchers are already familiar with.

Considering the biggest change till the date in terms of Glass’s hardware, Google Glass will now be available with 2GB RAM – in order to run multiple apps in a parallel manner, and execution of programs and functions quicker than ever before. Unfortunately, current Glass users will not possess a remedy to have this upgrade.

“There are some things we can do with hardware, but the more consistent improvements simply come with the OTA updates we do regularly,” says Lee, a Glass product manager. “You’ll notice the device generally feels a bit faster and more reliable,” he added further.

Considering battery life, Lee says that Glass devices carrying extra battery started shipping back in March. However, the problem was with its increased usage time that resulted inconvenience for the users trying for multiple software updates.

In addition to the battery enhancements, the new software will bring users a voice-activated viewfinder that is a rather much anticipated feature by Google Glass users. Looking forward to the Google I/O 2014, we would like to see some exciting and user friendly updates rolling out by Google, and how they are going deal with the privacy concerns.

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    Don’t you know by now that Version One Point Uh-Oh sucks? Suckers


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