Palo Alto,Calif. – Google is on its way towards bringing about a paradigm shift; it is all set to tweak the algorithm of its search engine and would be influenced by sites that are mobile friendly. Sites easily viewable on tablets, iPhone, or Smartphones shall be recommended by Google’s search; they will be preferred.

About the revised mobile-friendly algorithm


Google’s search engine affects the way millions of people decide loads of information – where to eat, shop, visit, or find information and so on. Certainly, this imminent tweak shall favor websites which are mobile friendly, and would thus, create an IT revolution, changing the landscape of marketing and search engine optimization for business endeavors.

The revised algorithm will be put in place Tuesday onward. It is apprehended that websites which do not fit in as mobile friendly will be demoted in the rankings table. Positioning is an important attribute of search table that translates to better hits, more visitors, and higher profits.

What should website-owners know?

Google’s new formula is focused on smartphone based searches. It won’t quite affect searches from laptops or desktops. With the impending rise of smartphone users, Google has come up with this move, ratifying that better built and mobile friendly sites shall have an edge than the traditional ones. Perhaps, that’s why this rating system is being dubbed by various experts as mere ‘Mobile –geddon’.

Websites should load quickly; contents should be easily accessible, without swiping either towards right or left. There should be apt buttons for purchases or other actions – rightly positioned and visible. It is a significant change off late, and it has been in the pipeline for long.

To minimize confusions and complaints, Google had disclosed this a couple of months back. Hence, once enacted, quite a number of sites that chose not to be mobile-friendly, have to change their plans, as tough times lay ahead for them. The change is relevant and looks justifiable.

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