Google’s recently released one minute video ad for Android, “Friends Furever,” which features all sorts of animals (some birds as well) playing and frolicking together has met with rave reviews and an enviable response on YouTube. Inspite of some weird animal pairings, the ad which has now gone viral can easily be counted among the most successful video ads by Google till date. The ad ends with a brief message, “Be Together. Not the Same.”

The adorable ad features all kinds of cuddly critters having a great time together inspite of their differences. A meaningful way of symbolizing that we can all live, play and enjoy the time together, inspite of differences in race, ethnicity, religion, etc.

Looks like Google is trying to drive home the message that their Android mobile OS seamlessly works with a wide range of smartphones, tablets and even on smartwatches on a wide range of brands. Though some have criticized the ad saying it is directed against Apple, we fail to see anything even vaguely offensive here.

With nearly 5 million views on YouTube already, the ad should be seen as a hit though the few ‘dislikes’ showing against it are difficult to ignore. They probably come from diehard iOS fans and Android haters.

Though commercials across the internet are not as hugely successful as they are across television, this ad has been received insanely well. perhaps because Google chose to convey their message with animals instead of opting for humans and faces. And animals are received really well. the biggest proof being the Budweiser ad featuring a dog which is too adorable not to beloved around the Superbowl.

After the ad and the response it has garnered over a short period, techies are wondering why Google didn’t do that earlier? Android has not had a very good run during the last few months while their deadliest rival, Apple, posted a record breaking profit.

The ad is cute- unquestionably. And a hit too. But will it help Google with some corporate gains in the long run?

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