Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has announced the schedule for the annual developer conference Google I/O. Commencing on May 28th the annual event will be in action till May 29th this year, says the official Google I/O 2015 website. The Internet giant is going to fire up the registrations on 17 March 9AM PDT, which will continue till 19 March 5PM EDT, however, getting in the event this year is partially going to be about the game of luck.

There have been a lot of speculations about the announcements at Google I/O. Reports suggest that the Internet giant may unveil the Android Auto, which is designed to provide you rich Android experience in your car. Android Auto, just like your smartphone, gives you the access to Maps, music, contacts and more right at the dashboard. Google has partnered with almost every company to bring that in action.

Another major announcement can be the Android TV. However, analysts believe that it is very unlikely to happen during the Google I/O. Reports suggest that the prime focus of the Internet giant is going to be the Project Ara, the modular smartphone. Google is expected to announce some new modules or a significant addition to the Ara this year.

Coming down to the much controversial device from the Internet giant, Google Glass. Recently, Glass Explorer edition sales were brought to a halt for few unavoidable reasons. However, Google promised to bring it back with a new revamped design. There are chances that the Google I/O might be the event for new Glass to resurface.

Google is also expected to announce new Android, Android Wearables or any other update for the operating system. However, while we wait for the Google executives to take the centre stage and kick off the annual event, Google I/O website sports a Chrome experiment that contains WebGL and Audio APIs, for the visitors to create different sounds using a number of methods such as bars.

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