Google will be launching 11 official apps for its Google Glass. It will include Shazam, Livestream and also a World Cup app and a few other apps which h will be unveiled on the eve of its annual developer’s conference. Earlier Google had introduced travel apps for Glass in May. Glassware apps have increased by more than 80% in the last six months. A number of existing apps like the social cooking app Allthecooks, will be getting an update.

Shazam makes playing music on Glass more easy and seamless. It will help you to recognize a song by the way of its singer and other associated details.

Livestream though old by a few months, enables live streaming of music from Glass but it had to be side loaded. However the new version will enable users to share their stream with other social networks and also view chat messages from other users.

If you are a fitness buff, you will find the Runtastic app pretty handy since it will help you through workouts and also keep a record of your progress like the distance one runs or the number of sit ups you have accomplished.

Another interesting app is the Star Chart which makes uses of the camera on Glass to analyze stars in the night sky drawing lines to create constellations with their popular names.

Finally for gaming buffs there is the Run, Zombies! It is an app that makes the user run from Zombies and if accomplished will be duly acknowledged by a message.

Google gives a full breakdown of every app on Google+.

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