LG Communications Director Ken Hong said in a statement that LG won’t be making the Nexus 6 for Google this year. He said that “I know at least not yet. Normally, we were informed,” said Ken Hong in an interview. “That can mean two things. Either I got ignored, or we simply won’t be making,” he joked. He further said that he is not feeling sorry if Google is planning to pick someone else for the manufacturing of the next Google Nexus device.

LG has a history of creating a bunch of Nexus devices. Back in 2012, they release their first ever Nexus device; known as the Nexus 4 and then later in 2013, they launched the best Nexus device to date known as the Nexus 5. Google called Nexus 5 a winner, and it was definitely a device that gave a hard time to flagship devices from other OEMs.

Rumors about Android 5.0 Silver are in the air as well. Android 5.0 Silver is said to replace Google Play Edition and Google Nexus line, and represent them both as one. The recent rumor indicated that LG will be the one making it and the device will make its debut in February 2015.

However, LG didn’t say that there won’t be any Nexus 6 or Android Silver devices from Google this year. We can assume that Google might pick someone else to design and build their next flagship devices. Rumor has it that HTC is working on a Nexus 8 tablet, and with the huge success of the HTC One M8, we can expect that HTC might be the one to debut the next Nexus 6 or Android Silver 5.0 device with Google. If we look back at history, HTC created the first ever Nexus device, the famous Nexus One.  It was well-respected among developers, and also the feedback from users was good as well, so we might see HTC repeating the history.

What do you think will happen? Share your thoughts with us.

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