Google (NASDAQ : GOOG ) has now applied a patent for the smart contact lenses, which were introduced by the company earlier this year. The new patent reveals that the Google is planning to integrate a very tiny camera in the contact lenses to provide an assistant to those who are visually impaired.

When it was first introduced, Mountain View giant offered it as a contact lens capable of measuring sugar level and blood pressure in the body. But the future improvements depicted in the patent are no less than watching a sci-fi movie. Google smart contact will be equipped with a camera capable of detecting colors, patterns or even recognizing the faces — which may not get accepted in this post Snowden era.

The whole ton changes include a circuit capable of charging itself with a possible help of photo-diode or the pressure sensors, the smart contact would be capable of alerting a visually  impaired person about approaching hazards, it can be through the smartphone or some other way.

The capabilities of processing raw data also equips these lens with an ability to alert a normal user with approaching hazard, the lens would alert the user about approaching car or any threat. Also the image processed for producing an alert can also be displayed on the contact lens itself. Although the patent claims about not disturbing the vision, the integrated display would be capable of giving an LED indication about an approaching car or whatsoever..

Another possible application of it with the embedded camera is to zoom in the scene, so if you are detective or a crime reporter this new invention is definitely for you.

Google would probably be launching it in the coming few years, it may come out with some great changes or become a total failure.


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