The search engine giant Google now plans to launch child friendly versions of some of its most popular products in a form that they are both safe and fun for them. Though Google has not divulged too many details about how it plans to do so, it is being conjectured that the company is likely to create specific versions of YouTube, search and Chrome products for kids aged 12 and lesser.

Google has not however specified the exact date for the roll out of this kid friendly line of products.

According to a USA Today piece that’s more a profile of Pavni Diwanji, the Google executive in charge of the new initiative, Google is apparently doing something to make its services more child-friendly. The news boils down to this: “Beginning next year the tech giant plans to create specific versions of its most popular products for those 12 and younger,” the report states, with speculation that email, search, and YouTube could lead the charge.

“We want to be thoughtful about what we do, giving parents the right tools to oversee their kids’ use of our products,” USA Today quoted Diwanji as saying.

NetFlix, the streaming giant, already filters its content for kids and presents it to them in a highly visual manner- something that kids of all ages and all reading levels enjoy. Instead of using text or DVD box shots, Netflix organizes content by the main characters, using large, bright pictures of Thomas the Tank Engine, for example.

Goolge owned YouTube might want to funtion in a similar manner, though that will not be easy for them, given that “Netflix knows exactly what content it’s displaying. YouTube does not. And something like a video called “Thomas is going to kill again” contains the beloved children’s train in a context that’s decidedly not appropriate for kids,” explained PC world.

Google search however, could be more kid friendly, as can be the email options, if the parents are given to filter the email addresses from which their kid can receive email notifications and bock out everything else from their own account. When contacted for details, the official Google spokesperson declined to comment while confirming that the rollout of kid friendly services is indeed on the cards.

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