According to some of the recent reports, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) project Ara, a modular smartphone, is apparently going to face competition from another company that is under the lead of a former Nokia Android X Program Manager. Project Ara has already received a lot of attention and now its time for the Internet giant to face some competition. Previously, Google was the only player in this sector.

Vsenn, the company behind this project, states that their aim is to “give everyone the power to create their perfect smartphone by using modular and upgradable hardware.”

Vsenn is just getting started, whereas the Google Project Ara is already doing the significant improvements for the last four years. It can be very hard for Vsenn to stack up against the Internet giant as Google is expected to launch Ara anytime in the year 2015.

According to the website, the company is only going to load the Vanilla Android on its modular smartphone, and it is going to offer a support for the period of four years. The support Vsenn claiming to give is apparently the best among all the Android smartphone manufacturers.

It’s modular hardware “allows you to upgrade your smartphone when you want. We use only the best and fastest hardware in our modules. There are three modules that you can upgrade and replace: Camera, Battery and Processor/RAM.”

Vsenn also said that their smartphones will be protected by a triple layer encryption and will also come bundled with a free VPN access that can protect you and your data for from prying eyes of hackers.

“With back covers that can be changed quickly and fast. You may choose from a variety of offers that look and feel just perfect. Durable and stylish to suit your lifestyle. Your imagination is the only limit that applies here,” reads Vsenn’s description.

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