Google Inc. — Nobody’s denying the fact that search giant Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) is trying to capture each and every small part of our day to day life . Whether it can be your car or your home. Announced at company’s annual developer conference Google I/O, Android TV was revealed in front of the developers at Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco.

Last summer, Google introduced Chromecast, an affordable piece of hardware that connects your small Android devices to your big screen, and cast online video, music and anything from the web to your TV. It will soon receive an update that will make it even more powerful, and convenient to use.

Extending an amount of innovation in the television era, Google unveiled Android TV that simply brings all your favorite Android apps and games to your living room. With the help of Android TV, your Android ecosystem has directly been merged to your TV-watching experience.

Android TV allows you to make use of voice search, in case you want to find a live TV show, a good flick from Google Play, or a music video on YouTube etc. In addition to this experience, you can also play your favorite Android games onto the big screen. Android TV that is similar to Chromecast is based on Google Cast technology.

Google says it will start shipping Android TVs from a range of consumer electronics companies like Sony and Sharp later this year. At the Google I/O Keynote, company also announced its partnership manufacturers like Sony, Sharp, TPVision, and Phillips will have Android TV built in. Razer and Asus are also reportedly panning to join Google on this deal.

As we mentioned earlier it’s a Google Cast-based technology, so you can easily cast movies and shows from your Android phone or tablet to your TV. A content you are streaming will also be synced in case you want to turn of the TV and watch the movie later again on a small device.

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