A game named “BombGaza” has been removed from the Google(NASDAQ: GOOG) play store as it was based on bombing Gaza and not killing civilians. There is a war ongoing in Gaza in which many civilians, including children, are being killed. According to Google, the game was violating the policies of the company.
The game was downloaded more than a 1000 times before it was removed. The game was developed by the company PLAYFTW, which is run by a man named Roman Shapiro. The other apps developed by the company are a piano playing app and a space war game. In the gameplay, one becomes a captain of one of the Israel Military jet which attacks Gaza and avoids killing the civilians.
This act was very fiercely outraged by the public since the very day it was released. The comments were on the game on playstore were also very fierce “Utterly shameful. Real people, many of them children, are dying in Gaza.” By George Coote.
Google said that it did not comment on any specific app. But one of its spokesperson said, “We remove apps from Google Play that violate our policies.” Chris Doyle, director of the Council for Arab British Understanding “Games that glorify violence or normalise conflict when referring to an actual conflict that is happening as we speak are deeply problematic and deeply distasteful.”
“Google, Facebook or any other company that host such games, should be reviewing their policies and making all efforts to ensure that such games are not hosted on their platforms.”
The was made on the basis of the Israel-Palestine conflict where Gaza was bombed and was left fully exploited. In this over 1700 people were killed which includes 400 children, according to news sources in Israel.
There are still many such games like Iron dome, Rocket Pride. The description of Iron Dome says “Intercept the rockets launched by Hamas by clicking on them and activating the Iron Dome. Hurry up, civilians are threatened and you will be held responsible if anything happens,”

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