Google In.c (NASDAQ:GOOG) is now going to present search results for the medical queries in the Knowledge Graph, a sidebar having all the images and text. According to the official reports, out of twenty requests, one is related to the health problems or information on a particular disease.

Google has teamed with a bunch of doctors to present the information that is more productive and informative. Earlier, all this information was available through the discussion forums and websites. Users were often confused and unsure if it’s the required knowledge.

The Internet giant will present the information on serve information on various aspects such as what the disease is, what are its possible remedies and how common it is in a particular community. The information will help users to know better about their health problems along with the potential cure for it. Google can now be of great assistance in knowing about a disease or any other health related problem.

As said above, Google was providing search results for medical queries. However, it was hidden inside a web forum or a website. Users have to look at different places and analyze precisely to know what the disease is, and what are its symptoms. It often happens we land on wrong results or a worse case of a disease, but with the inclusion of a new category in Knowledge Graph, finding the information will only be a search away.

Google team of doctors collected the information, compiled it and then reviewed before it was put out for the users worldwide. It is without a doubt that this will not only help those who are looking for some information, but also who aren’t having a doctor in the proximity. There can be several places around the world which do not have proper medical facilities.

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