Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) dis-engaged itself from forcing the users to have a Google+ account. Earlier every user that was having a Gmail account was forced to set up Google+. Mountain View giant’s social networking website was probably trying to get along with the social networking giant, Facebook, however, since the Vic Gundotra stepped down as head of Google+; things have changed at Google.

Google silently announced that the no user will now be forced to sign up for the Google+; company said, “We updated the sign up experience on early September. Users can now create a public profile during sign up, or later, if and when they share general content for the first time (as a restaurant review, YouTube video or Google+ post).”

When it first started in the year 2011, Google used to ask every individual to set up a social networking account. Probably the company was trying to grow more accounts on the service, however, the company only have real accounts associated with the real people. Google was trying to compete with the social networking giant, Facebook. However, the company now seems to settle with what it has got.

Signing up for a Google+ has never been a tough task, instead Google itself used to do a lot of things on the users’ behalf. Google+ introduced so many new things, such as ‘+’ URL with a customized name, which earlier was only a profile ID.

However, there is no evidence, but Google now need not force anyone to use the service, it is now well established, and everyone wants to try that out. Along with the Google+, Google has also raised the bar that restricts the use of Hangouts without Google+. Anyone with a Gmail account can easily use the service.

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