Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is expected to announce Android TV at the Google I/O event which will take place in San Francisco later next month, says GigaOM in a report.

Android TV won’t be a device, but a platform different OEM partners like Sony and LG can use to bring services like online media to televisions. Google is planning to focus on Android-based gaming with Android TV as well, the report claims. It will have a Netflix-like interface, internally known as ‘Pano ’at Google, the TV will present its content in a series of cards.

The report further claims that Google will offer services like Hulu Plus and Netflix, and Google will also partner with some companies to run Android TV. The new platform is all about ‘ease of use’. Users will be able to search through content easily and quickly, and begin playback without even opening the third party applications.

Android TV will be Google’s third try in the TV space. First was the Google TV; which turned out to be a failure and then there’s Chromecast, which is actually an amazing device that can be used to display content from your laptop or your phone on to your TV, but the Android TV will be a whole different and a complete experience. Google wants to conquer your living room, just like they are conquering the smartphone world.

There’s also competition involved in it. Amazon recently launched the Fire TV – a media streaming box manufactured by one of the biggest online retailers in the world. It comes with a game controller as well, however it’s not a gaming console by it’s also not anything less than it. Hence gaming will be one of the main features of the Google Android TV.

Google I/O is taking place in San Francisco on June 25, and we will see all the surprises by Google on that day. What are you looking forward to?

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