Mountain View: Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is now going to introduce a ‘Buy Button’ for the users to purchase product right from the search in mobile devices. A report from The Wall Street Journal stated that in the coming few weeks the Internet giant will be rolling out the ‘Buy Button’ feature with a vision of taking a direct aim at the e-retail giants, including Amazon and eBay.

The report stated that whenever a user will search for a product, the Buy Button will appear in the results for a direct purchase. Till now, Google was only displaying the products and their prices from different e-retailers in a separate column, however, without a way to make a direct purchase.

Apparently, the move can also eliminate the need of opening the apps from companies, including Amazon and eBay, and users can make a direct purchase of the product right from the search.


The report suggests that the Internet giant will let users enter their payment and shipping information once for all of their future shoppings, however, there are going to be options for changing them later in the account settings.

However, the report also stated that the buttons are only going to appear in the sponsored area, not in the regular search section, but the Internet giant is expected to expand its reach in the near future. Getting sponsored results would mean that the e-retail giants are going to shed a good amount of their capital to appear in those results, however, it could also mean a disconnection in between them and the consumers coming directly to the website.

To ensure the connectivity, Google is going to give the users an option to opt for the same marketing strategies to buy the products online, and for them there isn’t going to be ‘Buy Button’ in the search results.

The transactions would be powered by the Google Wallet.

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