Reports from multiple sources suggest that the tech giant Google might invest up to $1 billion in in Elon Musk owned SpaceX. The basic purpose underlying this huge investment will be to support the creation of a satellite based internet system so that more and more people can get connected to the internet. Many rural and far-flung areas especially in developing countries are still deprived of access to the internet.

The tech giant wants everyone in the remotest corners of the planet connected to the internet and this huge investment in Musk owned SpaceX would be another step in that direction.

Google’s investment would value Elon Musk’s company at more than $10 billion, the The Wall Street Journal and The Information report.

Musk had spoken about his company’s satellite based internet system in an interview with Bloomberg International last week- a program which was later described by them as “hugely ambitious.”

This is one of the latest initiatives of the Mountain View, California-based Google to increase the number of people connected to the internet, as it would help the search engine giant push up its user base and thus increase their digital revenue. The company had earlier introduced a balloon based system to bring the web to remote areas not hitherto connected to the internet via its Project Loon.

“By teaming up with SpaceX, Google would be seeking to gain an edge over rivals such as Facebook Inc., which is working on projects to deliver Internet service to underserved regions by building drones, satellites and lasers. WorldVu Satellites Ltd., backed by Qualcomm Inc. and Virgin Group, has begun a similar effort,” reports Business week.

The project would consist of hundreds of satellites orbiting 750 miles above the Earth’s surface, which is much closer than the traditional communications satellites floating at altitudes of up to 22,000 miles. The lower altitude of satellites, it is being said, would make for a speedier internet service since electromagnetic waves will be required to cover shorter distances.

If everything goes on as planned, the program which is still unnamed could help connect the Red Planet (Mars) to the internet soon. Sounds like a scene out of a sci-fi thriller? Watch out!

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