Google and Uber could be crossing swords in the near future if rumors are to be believed. Google’s chief legal officer David Drummond, who sits on Uber’s board, has revealed that Google is into some kind of product which will create a possible conflict of interests with Uber and therefore this is being taken up for discussion. Google has also worked hard on a car summoning app. This is even more important considering the fact that Google Ventures was a source for much of Uber’s startup capital: the Search Engine Giant has provided  US$258m  to Uber’s coffers in 2013 and more cash again last year.

It is possible for Google to offer some form of taxi service via its autonomous cars on the road. However there could be trouble brewing for the search engine giant since it will not be able to give its money away in future if its plans are informed by its presence on investee companies boards,

Similarly it is rumored that Uber is collaborating with Carnegie Mellon University on a Pittsburgh research lab they say could lead to the development of driverless cars.The collaboration was announced on Monday and incorporates Uber funding for faculty chairs and graduate fellowships at the private research university. Uber has also informed that Uber Advanced Technologies Center will work on mapping and safety technologies in support of its ride-sharing mission.

Uber operates its Taxi Services in 200 cities across 54 countries which include Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Both Uber and Carnegie Mellon plan to make a new lab in close proximity to the university’s National Robotics Engineering Center in the city’s Lawrenceville neighborhood.

According to Bloomberg which sourced the news to an aide to the Uber’s board of directors, claimed that it was shown screenshots of an app-based cab service, which Google already offers to staff.

Google has been contacted by the BBC for comment but tweeted in response to the article:

“We think you’ll find Uber and Lyft work quite well. We use them all the time.”

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