GoPro, the king of highly durable cameras made to withstand extreme situations, is launching its new range of devices: The GoPro Hero, the Hero4 Silver and the Hero4 Black.

The three models come with different specifications and, therefore, different prices. The most affordable out of the lot, the GoPro Hero will cost $130 and come with 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second or 720p HD video at 60fps, as well as 5-megapixel stills, which is not bad at all. It is also waterproof upto 40 meters.

The downside of Hero is the lack of Wi-fi and Bluetooth capacities, which are present in both the other models being launched with this one.

The Hero4 Silver, which retails for $400, doesn’t have 4K video capabilities — it shoots 1080p HD at 60fps — but comes with a touchscreen display and playback function.

On many previous GoPro models, playback displays were not built into the camera itself. Another wow feature about this model is that Silver has the same still-shooting specs as the priciest of the new models, the GoPro Hero4 Black. Photography enthusiasts and action freaks have been making a beeline to the GoPro stores ever since the new series was announced.

The Hero4 Black costs just a wee bit less than $500 and shoots 4K video at 30 fps, 2.7K video at 50 fps and 1080p video at 120 fps. It has a doubly powerful processor, according to GoPro. This model also shoots 12-megapixel still photos at 30 fps.

All three models mentioned above are getting upgrades that improve low-light capture and audio recording. A couple of new accessories will hit the market next week as well, including a remote control for the Black and Silver that works from 600 feet away.

The most serious drawback with all three models is its awfully short battery life. There have been reports confirming that the batteries zonked out in less than three hours. Add to it the fact that the battery is inbuilt and cant be replaced if and when the need arises.

So though the prices of GoPro’s cheapest cameras have been lowered from $200 to $129, it will stiff face tough competition in the lower priced segment from Sony which has its own range of action cameras and Polaroid which sells its action camera for a paltry $99.

While GoPro is trying harder than ever before to make its cameras more affordable and to reach out the novice users, with added features like the touchscreen that will help set up the camera as compared to physical buttons earlier, eyebrows are being raised over the success of the launch already. Shares of GoPro, already up more than 52% between Labor Day and Friday’s close, shot upward another 8% early Monday to about $89.

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