The Medecins Sans Frontiers, also known at Doctors Without Borders has come under heavy criticism by a private group official for responding too late at calling for Ebola vaccines. The MSF has been at the forefront of Ebola fights in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra-Leone even when other international agencies like the World Health Organization have dragged their feet, but Jean-Herve Bradol says they could have done better by calling for vaccines long before the deaths of over 5,000 people and 13,000 patients currently infected by the disease.

Jean-Herve Bradol belongs to the Centre for Reflection on Humanitarian Action (CRASH) based in Paris, and also a member of MSF’s internal think-tank. He decried the fact that MSF wasted time in calling for Ebola vaccines because they are at the forefront of the treatments at isolation camps and ought to know better than anyone else on how to quickly respond to the epidemic with speeds that border on vaccinations.

“Our response was too orientated toward the management of previous outbreaks. We wasted time before speaking about a vaccine and treatments…it’s very hard to imagine controlling this epidemic now without a vaccine,” says Bradol when speaking to Reuters very recently. MSF has made a public appeal for vaccine development in September, but the veteran believes the call ought to have come earlier before this much damage was done.

However, GlaxoSmithKline and NewLinkGenetics among other leading pharmaceutical companies accelerating operations for vaccine trials, and these two have commenced clinical trials in parts of Africa and Europe. MSF has also announced that it will start testing three potential Ebola drugs in Guinea and Liberia, starting this December.

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