A 60-year old Serbian war veteran went on a calculated shooting rampage in the early morning hours of Tuesday killing 13 people. The shooting spree took place in a small village in Serbia known as Velika Invanca. The village is located only 30 miles south of Belgrade.

The gunman started his rampage by first shooting and killing his own son. He then left the family home and walked from one house to the next killing members of the community. When police finally stopped the man, he tried to take his own life after shooting and critically wounding his wife.

Officials identified the lone gunman as Ljubisa Bogdanovic. He used a handgun in the shooting spree. Among those who lost their lives were six women and a baby of which many were the gunman’s relatives. Village residents described the gunman as a nice and quiet individual and were shocked to see he had killed people in the community.

Officials said the gunman went from home to home knocking on doors. When someone opened for him, he shot the individual. He also entered some homes and killed people while they were still asleep. Authorities feel that many residents opened the door when the man knocked since they did not fear him because he was known in the village.

A longtime resident of the village said he feels the gunman was on his way to his home when a patrol car stopped him. The resident said that if the car had not appeared the gunman most likely would have arrived at his home and killed his entire family.

Only 12 homes make up the village that has a scenic backdrop of rolling hills covered with a number of different fruit trees.

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