Friday December 14, 2012 will be one of the saddest and most tragic days in the history of Newtown, Connecticut, as early Friday morning, Adam Lanza, a 20-year old, walked calmly into Sandy Hook School and opened fire. After he was done, he had killed 20 students between 5 and 10 years of age and six adult staff members. After he stopped massacring people, he took his own life with a self inflicted gunshot.

As of Saturday morning, it was still uncertain what the killer’s motive was. He was said to have had a personality disorder and was one who kept to himself. Before he entered the school, he killed his mother as his home with a gunshot to the face. He then took her car and three or four firearms and went to the school.

A custodian at the school was able to run from room to room while the shooting was taking place to warn teachers and their students. At the same time, someone in the principal’s office turned on the intercom system and tried to warn the teachers as well.

It is suspected that the school principal, Dawn Hochsprung was killed. All but two of the children and adults died inside the school. Two children were found alive by police and rushed to a hospital but died later.

The small town of 27,000 was shocked and devastated as the news of the attack unfolded. Many of the people know one another, the streets are safe and everyone was surprised and saddened.

The identities of just three children have been confirmed thus far. Three adults have been identified including Mary Sherlach the school psychologist, Vicki Soto a first grade teacher and Hochsprung the principal who was 47.

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