According to a 14-year long research carried out by the Harvard University, it was established that whole grains play a significant role in improving the life expectancy of a person. The research concluded that whole grains reduce the risk of heart diseases up to a great extent, thus proving the potential of a longer and healthier lifespan.

Whole grains have known to benefit health and have always constituted a healthy diet, but there has been no significant study that proved their impact on the lifespan of an individual. The recent study b the Howard University however makes it quite clear that a bowl of porridge or brown rice could play a vital role in lengthening the lifespan of people.

The study was conducted with over 100,000 people, whose diet was followed for more than 14 years by researchers. The study was initiated in 1984, when all the subjects enrolled in good health condition. However, by 2010, over 26,000 of the participants had already died. On the other hand, some people showed potential protection from a range of diseases, especially heart related disorders. The people were surveyed to consume a lot of whole grains, including brown rice, porridge, quinoe and corn in their usual diet.

Observing the diet of athletes, it is seen that they consume greater quantities of oats to gain higher energy levels for sustained periods. This is because oats contain high fiber levels. However, scientists found that only about 28 gm of whole grains consumed in a day could reduce the risk of heart-related deaths by 9%, and deaths by other causes by as much as 5%.

The study employed people from different ages, engaging in different types of physical activities, having varied mass index, as well as smoking habits. The results of the study were published in the journal JAMA: Internal Medicine.

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  1. frappyjohn

    I can’t find a source for this article! You have no links. You don’t say who or what organization at Harvard performed this study. You don’t say when it was perform or when the results were announced.


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