“The most dangerous sickness are those that make us believe we are well.” -Proverb 42, The Book of Shh. Lena Tiddle has 95 days until her birthday when she gets the cure. Ninety-five days until she’ll be safe. The cure promises peace, calm, and most importantly immune from ever getting or feeling amor deliria nervosa: love. Lena’s troubling past is full of lies and most would say deliria runs in her family blood. Though all the sticky past Lena’s on edge counting down eager, yet scared for what she believes as the most important day of her life. Her world is turned upside down when Lena’s closest believes surface as lies, and her most precious secrets come to light, with the help of a dangerous new friend holding her hand the whole time. Nighty-five days may not seem long but its long enough for this girl to turn into a different person-or maybe thats who she has always been deep inside. Now Lena would rather lived infected for the tiniest second that live a hundred years cured by a lie.

This is a great book and one that you should take the time to curl up and read.

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