It’s been over nine months since the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine started, but the conditions of health care don’t seem to improve. People of eastern part of Ukraine do not have any access to vaccines and medicines, which has exposed them to several deadly diseases like measles, polio, and TB.

Luhansk and Donetsk face worst conditions:

Even though the entire Ukraine is at risk as of now, but the conditions seem dire in Donetsk and Luhansk, where people are trapped, with no sufficient food and medicines. The fighting incidents between rabels and the local police at roads make it very difficult for the people to reach hospitals in case of any emergency. Even if they do, there is no electricity and water available, which make things worse for them.

If taken into consideration the national data, one can easily find out that total 5.1 million people have suffered from the humanitarian crisis so far. According to a statement issued by the United Nations Health Agency, out of these many people, 1.4 million population belongs to highly vulnerable category, which is a serious cause to worry.

Recently, Dr. Dorit Nitzan, Representative of the World Health Organization in Ukraine addressed a press conference in Geneva. She stated that the major concerns for WHO were infants, children, and the lack of medical support available for them in the country. The degree of the ongoing health crisis can be understood from the fact that there was not even a single vaccine available in the country last month. The entire eastern part is exposed to a lot of diseases, with no support available at the moment. If things get worse in coming days, then polio and measles are the two deadliest diseases, which will haunt the country at first.

So far, 4,808 people have died, with 10,468 wounded due to conflicts between pro-Russian rebels and Ukrainian government forces. The numbers will not stop mounting, if the government doesn’t find out an appropriate solution to this problem.

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