Most of the people do a lot to keep themselves fit and fine. They join Gym, Yoga classes, health clubs and many more activities for their dearer life. In spite of performing all these actions, they are not aware that their healthy body is carrying around a plenty of viruses. It feels like a shock, but it’s an ugly truth.

An individual healthy body holds five different types of viruses on an average as per the online report from researchers in Biomed Central Biology. The study is the first investigation that includes everything to describe the diversity of viruses in healthy people.

As per the publishing in Journal BMC Biology, in 92% people at least one virus was present inside every male & female body. However, in some other researches the scale climbed to even 10-15 viruses. There are five possible viral habitats of the body: skin, mouth, stool, nose and vagina and the samples were fixed from these habitats.

According to Gregory Storch, a virologist and chief of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Washington University “Most everyone is familiar with the idea that a normal bacterial flora exists in the body, lots of people have asked whether there is a viral counterpart, and we haven’t had a clear answer but now we know there is a normal viral flora, and it’s rich and complex”.

According to lead author and instructor of pediatrics Kristine Wylie, Ph.D. “We were impressed by the number of viruses founded. We only sampled up to five body sites in each person and would expect to see many more viruses if we had sampled the entire body.”

Even it is not concluded that these viruses are our friends or enemies for our precious health. It is believed that some of these viruses are helpful in maintaining.
Our immune system in respond to dangerous infective agents while others may become the cause of many diseases.

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