The story of Danny and Ashley is rather unexpected and unprecedented and is full of compassion and love. The couple, which is now expecting to get married soon, has a compassionate story of how they met each other. The two met as complete strangers, as a potential kidney donor and receiver pair. Nevertheless, in the months of interactions before the transplant, the two grew a deeper connection.

Danny Robinson, an electrician, based in Louisville, Kentucky, had been suffering from a kidney failure since 2012. He was diagnosed with an inflammatory kidney disease called IgA nephropathy when he was 16 years of age. It was the same year that the teenage boy had lost his father who was suffering from brain cancer. Although working for full-time, Danny had had to undergo four stints of dialysis thrice a week. His life was dependant on the dialysis procedure until he received a transplant. But due to compatibility issues, none of his family members could help him. Even anonymous donors who were willing to volunteer were found to be incompatible.

A heart-melting love story of a kidney donor who falls in love with the recipient

Danny featured on a radio show sharing his story as Ashley’s mother heard him. When she was narrating the story to Ashley’s grandmother, Ashley overheard and her heart fileld with compassion for the strange man at once. She was already signed up for donating her organs after her death. She also knew that her blood group matched with Danny’s. The two share the rare blood group type O. She decided she would volunteer to donate her kidney to Danny. Now she only had to go through some blood tests and other psychological and physical tests to check the compatibility.

Tests proved that the Ashley was eligible to donate her kidney to Danny. After a few months, the surgery took place successfully on April 17. The months of interaction had brought the pair closer, and they had already fallen in love with each other. On December 25, Danny proposed Ashley to be her girlfriend. The couple is now soon to get married.

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