Michael Schumacher, the 7 time Formula One World Champion was rushed to the hospital after suffering with serious head injuries in a skiing accident.

Michael Schumacher was skiing off-piste and according to German Police has suffered serious trauma injuries to his head but was saved by his helmet.

Michael was skiing along with his 14 year old son Mick in the French Resort of Meribel when he met with the accident. Incidentally Michael has a home in Meribel.

Schumacher had lost consciousness after hitting his head on the rock. However he quickly regained consciousness.

Emergency services were immediately summoned and he was first taken to a nearby hospital in Moutiers. However after initial assessment by the doctors he was taken to a larger hospital in Grenoble after an initial assessment.

Milder temperatures at the other resorts and heavy snowfall in the Alps have increased the risk of avalanches. Seven people have lost their lives on the Alps in the last weekend. It included and a 16-year-old snowboarder who was buried in an avalanche in Serre-Chevalier and a 44-year-old mountain worker who was hit by a mass of snow in Courchevel.

Skiers and snowboarders have been advised not to venture off the prescribed routes of skiing while the conditions remain hazardous. Schumacher is a veteran skier and is understood to be off-piste when he crashed. There are no indications that his fall was the result of an avalanche.

Olivier Desaulty, a spokesman for Meribel Alpina, a ski lift company, said “Some skiers, who were not skiing with him, saw the accident and called us. We immediately sent two ski patrols on skis. They had been waiting to do a check on something and were close by. So they arrived a few minutes after the accident. They checked him and called a helicopter. Apparently he was briefly, a minute or so, unconscious. But he came around quickly and was then talking. He said he had hit his head on a rock. He was wearing a helmet fortunately. The helicopter arrived very quickly and he was taken to hospital.”

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