While most everyone else sends serene, religious or cheerful Christmas cards during the holidays you can make an impact by sending funny Christmas cards instead. Holiday stress reaches a crescendo when people spend excess amounts of money buying gifts for people they don‘t necessarily like and are visited by disrespectful relatives who snore loudly and eat everything in sight.

Although you might not be able to change your family and the responsibility you feel toward them, a humorous card can tilt the tables in a friendlier direction.

However, proceed with caution. Understanding the person to whom you are sending the card and their sense of humor is a precursor to a palatable conclusion after the card is sent. Be careful the subject that hits your funny bone is not odorous to another.

Look on the Internet and you, too, will see a large variety of humorous Christmas cards. Reindeer, with antlers, commonly are superimposed over animals as the topic of humorous cards. The animals don’t appear to find it humorous but, you have to admit, a hamster with antlers is funny no matter how much of a Grinch you are.

Babies regularly are the visual topics of humorous Christmas cards. Babies having far more interest in eating a Christmas present than opening it is a common theme. There are pictures of babies knocking over Christmas trees, trying to eat branches off the tree, and/or making a cute face when they taste a pine needle.

One often employed specific shot comes when babies are shown atop an animal, such as a dog, which is dressed as a reindeer.

A few other common categories include:

  • Ms. Claus nagging Santa to lose weight or do mundane housework
  • Inconvenient events for Santa, like the sleigh getting a flat tire or Rudolph not making it to work
  • Santa getting put in jail for speeding, being mistaken for a burglar, or making kids cry at the mall

But my personal favorite has to be a note left for Santa by a young boy named Timmy. After Santa has scarfed down the milk and cookies Timmy left for him, Santa’s face goes from satisfied to terrified as the note reads something like, “Dear Santa, if you leave a brand new bike under the tree I promise to give you the antidote for the poison I put in your milk and cookies. Love, Timmy.

Truth is, funny Christmas cards can help your loved ones relieve some stress over the holidays. What‘s your favorite humorous Christmas card? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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