It is now proved beyond doubt that eating a high fiber diet will increase the survival rate after a bout of heart attack. A 100 cereal fiber diet will increase the chances of long term survival post heart attack by more than 25%.

According to a recent research which was done on the data obtained from two studies, the Nurses’ Health Study of 121,700 female nurses and the Health Professional Follow-up Study of 51,529 male health professionals., individuals who consumed a high fiber diet had a 25% lower chance of dying in nine years post an incidence of heart attack as compared to those who consumed a less fiber diet. A 10gms/day increase in intake of fiber diet every day led to a 15% less risk of dying over a period of nine years post incidence of heart attack. Researchers assessed 2,258 women and 1840 men who suffered a heart attack in the course of the studies.

The subjects of the study were segregated into 5 groups based on their daily consumption of fiber in their diet. It was found that the group which consumed High fiber diet
has a 25% less chance of dying of any ailment nine years post an incidence of heart attack.

The researchers write ,“Future research on lifestyle changes post-[heart attack] should focus on a combination of lifestyle changes and how they may further reduce mortality rates beyond what is achievable by medical management alone,”.

A diet composed predominantly of high fiber can elevate blood lipid levels and reduce the risk of hypertension, overweight, diabetes and cardio vascular diseases. Fibers are classified as soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibers moderately reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol along with a diet low in saturated and Trans fats and cholesterol alone.

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