Quirky on Monday announced a real overhaul to its Wink smart home app, empowering the application to work now with various smart appliances and products from companies like Dropcam, Honeywell, Schlage, Phillips, etc.

Furthermore, the application additionally holds a streamlined interface that permits users to schedule and monitor devices, create shortcuts, and automate tasks using various devices.

Home Depot doesn’t have the first entrance in the brilliant home field, and, however, the chain has the playing point of having a general stream of homeowners walking in the door prepared to purchase something and being enticed by the thought of the connected house.

Jeff Hagins, SmartThings CTO and co-founder, said this growth of smart home automation isn’t about the remote control, but more about the ease of not thinking about your home environment.

“It’s about things happening around you, allowing you to go simply about your day but with the house responding to, a) keep you secure, b) avoid problems or disasters, and c) save you money,” he said.

Brett Worthington, vice president for partners at Wink, also believes as consumers are asking more questions about privacy, the importance is imperative. He says Wink does not ask for any personal information.

“Lifestyle applications have a lot more meaning to the everyday consumer because they are shopping for products and brands, and they’re not shopping for home automation,” he said.

“We think the Wink platform will make (smart products) more appealing,” Jeff Epstein, the vice president for home automation merchandising at The Home Depot, said.

At launch, Home Depot, through its Wink app, is partnered with 15 smart device suppliers and nearly 60 smart devices, while the Staples Connect app can control nearly 150 smart devices from 23 companies.

Quirky notes that while numerous smart appliances essentially oblige an immediate blending with the application, others require the new Wink Connected Home Hub, which is accessible today from Amazon and Home Depot for $49.99.

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