HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, is now set to launch a new device that could be a threat for Go Pro. The device is supposedly going to be water, dust and weather proof and will have features just like the Go Pro. However, the company is supposedly producing it with a design that is similar to a periscope.

Company says, “Something remarkable is coming,” and some of the images that hit the Internet states that the design for the device is similar to the periscope we see on the ships and submarines. However, there is no eyepiece in it.

According to the teaser video, HTC launched, it is very clear that this new device can go through almost anything that can be life threatening to many devices. It can easily sustain and operate under water and comparatively tough environments. Analysts believe that the device durability is going to be unbeatable, and only apocalypse can destroy it.

However, one exciting news here is that, the device will not be having a storage unit, but will connect to your device through any of the wireless media that includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It will be equipped with a wide lens along with a 16 MP sensor.

This new upcoming device has been named as ReCamera, and the company will launch it on the Oct 8 this year. It is being said that, just like the Go Pro, this new device will also be able to mount to the user body or to any other object such as helmet to record and take pictures, and it is without any doubt that this can be a tough competition for the Go Pro. However, that is only possible when company launches it with a lower price tag than any Go Pro model.

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