The HTC M8 is just going to be launched and one would expect HTC to be busy trying to make it a success. Least to expect was HTC paying attention to the economy range instead of premium range of smartphones. However HTC is exactly doing that and the reasons are not difficult for anyone to guess.

The last two year has seen the sales as well as the share value of the Taiwanese company plummet by more than 80%. HTC is currently toting HTC Desire 300 and Desire 500, both economy range smartphones as a means to stem this plunge.

HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang stated to Reuters that HTC has concentrated more on its Flagship smartphones and neglected a huge mid tier market which could have contributed significantly to the company’s coffers. HTC will be releasing handsets around $150 to $300 and it will be locking horns with the likes of Moto G though it will not be competing with the lowest range smartphones.

The trend is towards a more affordable but high spec devices and most of the Big Whigs of the inductor are moving towards it. Therefore a quad-core budget HTC Desire 310 would certainly fit that bill.

HTC will now be focusing on the established Smartphone market which has been dominated by Samsung and Apple handsets. Apple has already introduced its Economy class iPhone, iPhone 5S. Chinese manufacturers like Huawei and ZTE are also heavily involved in the economy segment

HTC has already dabbled as a manufacturer of network branded handsets and it plans to return to in its effort to boost sales.

“We’re not even considering that,” Wang confirmed – stating that manufacturing partnerships must include HTC branding alongside those of mobile carriers.

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